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Greek Saga Growing

If you think the Greek saga has been completely digested into the FX markets it is our opinion that you are wrong. Yesterday's altercation on the dance floor between Greece and Germany was public. Greece denies it, but technically it appears that... Continue Reading →

The Oldest Son Rebels

Like the oldest son who becomes rebellious and disdains his parents advice, Greece continues to strive for its own economic independence. While still wanting to receive its allowance Greece has essentially let it be known that it will not bow... Continue Reading →

Fast And Furious

The EUR on Wednesday morning is starting out on weak legs as it continues to test new short-term lows. Gold as of this writing is near 1300.00 USD. Crude Oil has also traded lower with WTI also hovering on support.... Continue Reading →

What Risk?

Politics continue to come to the fore, but investors have seemingly been able to brush worries to the side in the past 12 hours and have shown an ability to chase risk and thus far Asian equity bourses have turned... Continue Reading →

Troubled Waters?

The EUR has busted through short-term support levels and traded lower the past day. Crude Oil has had a fairly choppy run while testing ranges, particularly with WTI. Gold as of this morning is near 1305.00 USD also having been... Continue Reading →

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