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CSI 300 Trading Halted

The early close of the China stock market in Shanghai today will not go over well with investors. The Caixin Manufacturing PMI came in below expectations and it roiled Asian investors sending the CSI 300 Index 7% lower. The Honk... Continue Reading →

Unrest & Questions

And just like that you are starting to hear murmurs of worry in the marketplace. Retail Sales data was weaker than expected on Thursday and weekly Unemployment Claims rose. The EUR has continued to trade near support levels. However Gold... Continue Reading →

Are The Skeptics Wrong?

The EUR continues to test support levels after the ECB's monetary policy decision last week which in effect created a negative interest rate. Gold as of this morning is near 1260.00 USD having gained slightly the past few days of... Continue Reading →

Where Is The Risk?

While most of the global economy continues to fall in line with expectations there are always events on the horizon which can change outlooks. The question is where risk will come from and how it can be measured. Some investors... Continue Reading →

Has Europe Recovered?

More than a handful of respected analysts have looked at recent GDP data from Europe and pointed to the continent with a confident hand and have stated that Europe is healing from the crisis and recession. While we agree open... Continue Reading →

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