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Greek Saga Growing

If you think the Greek saga has been completely digested into the FX markets it is our opinion that you are wrong. Yesterday's altercation on the dance floor between Greece and Germany was public. Greece denies it, but technically it appears that... Continue Reading →

The Oldest Son Rebels

Like the oldest son who becomes rebellious and disdains his parents advice, Greece continues to strive for its own economic independence. While still wanting to receive its allowance Greece has essentially let it be known that it will not bow... Continue Reading →

No Inflation, No Growth?

Red continues to be the predominant color for inflation data globally. From New Zealand, the U.K., and the States inflation figures the past two days have proven troubling. Most economists and central banks equate inflation with global growth. Weakness (including... Continue Reading →

August Trading

The bulls came back on Friday in the U.S. equity markets via a strong finish and producing gains. Asia has followed this up early Monday with gains in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Traders must remember however that it is... Continue Reading →

Who Do You Trust?

Data from the U.S. was disappointing on Thursday as the Flash Manufacturing PMI and New Home Sales both missed their marks badly. On top of that the previous month's New Home Sales was revised downward. The States will publish Core... Continue Reading →

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