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Crude Oil

Greek Saga Growing

If you think the Greek saga has been completely digested into the FX markets it is our opinion that you are wrong. Yesterday's altercation on the dance floor between Greece and Germany was public. Greece denies it, but technically it appears that... Continue Reading →

The Oldest Son Rebels

Like the oldest son who becomes rebellious and disdains his parents advice, Greece continues to strive for its own economic independence. While still wanting to receive its allowance Greece has essentially let it be known that it will not bow... Continue Reading →

One Way Markets?

The EUR did in fact almost fall off the table yesterday. And Wall Street turned in a large gain across the board. The Fed did nothing spectacular with its FOMC Statement except to reiterate that it plans on keeping interest... Continue Reading →

Stormy Winter Trading

Currencies continue to be volatile and offer traders with proper risk management an opportunity to profit. The USD has been strong against the board against most majors. The question is when an equilibrium will be reached and what are perceived... Continue Reading →

Gold Stumbles Again

Digital Markets Advisor proved correct regarding its Gold signal. The precious metal now goes into the weekend trading near 1228.00 USD and will certainly see some interesting tests next week. The EUR and GBP both started to get support versus... Continue Reading →

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