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Greece, EUR, USD

Traders should continue to monitor the situation in Europe regarding Greece and their ability to interact within the EU as it essentially threatens other members with a unilateral action - meaning that they will walk away from responsibility of their... Continue Reading →

One Way Markets?

The EUR did in fact almost fall off the table yesterday. And Wall Street turned in a large gain across the board. The Fed did nothing spectacular with its FOMC Statement except to reiterate that it plans on keeping interest... Continue Reading →

Yellen On The Podium

FOMC Statement was released a little bit ago, do not expect any Christmas surprises from Yellen as she addresses the media. The Fed would like a quiet holiday period as much as anyone else. EUR down slightly, but not a landslide... Continue Reading →

Stormy Winter Trading

Currencies continue to be volatile and offer traders with proper risk management an opportunity to profit. The USD has been strong against the board against most majors. The question is when an equilibrium will be reached and what are perceived... Continue Reading →

Crude Oil Falls Again

Traders should be aware that volumes will stay relatively normal until the end of this coming week. Meaning that Oil may continue to see a sea of volatility this coming week. It is tough to stand in front a train... Continue Reading →

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