baseball-and-glove-1498516  Baseball – The Cubs – 8 November, 2015

Free agent season is about to gather steam and fans of the Chicago Cubs will be keen to see what the Cubs front office does over the next three months. The Cubs will seek pitching this off season. The assumption is that the Cubs will try to add two veteran arms to their staff. David Price should be watched closely, this because he pitched for Joe Maddon when he won the Cy Young while on the Tampa Bay Rays during the 2012 season. There are no guarantees regarding what Price will do and the Cubs should not expect a discount because of past relationships, this because teams like the Cardinals, Giants, and others will certainly express an interest in Price’s services. However, the fact that Maddon and Price know each other well could help negotiations. One thing that should be pointed out is that Price didn’t fare well in big games when taken into full context. The Cubs will seek an arm that can compete with the best in the biggest of settings. Zack Grienke will certainly be talked to by the Cubs too.