Cubs baseball has fallen off a cliff the past two weeks. The team’s roster is in disarray as players nurse injuries and speculation builds Joe Maddon will not be offered a new contract. Cubs front office needs to ask which players will remain the core for the next few seasons. Pitching is a concern too. Cubs need a dependable closer and set up are, but they will also be in the market potentially for two starting pitchers. Cole Hamels becomes a free agent this winter, and John Lester who produced poor numbers the past few months may find his spot open for competition or be relegated to the number five spot in the rotation. Chatwood could get consideration as a starter, but can he deliver dependable results? Cubs may be tempted to trade Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber, but both have many years of production ahead and the results of pursuing talent for them could be spell disaster and put many Cubs fans in a foul mood.