Data will start off relatively light today but on Wednesday the jobless data will begin with the ADP report from the States, followed by the weekly Unemployment Claims on Thursday, and the Non-Farm Employment Change numbers on Friday.

Pending Home Sales figures will come from the U.S. today and it should be noted that housing sector statistics have been lukewarm at best and continue to show that a real struggle exists while trying to create stability regarding prices and vacant homes still on the market in many parts of America.

FX along with the broad markets have provided a relatively calm environment for traders to participate the past few weeks. Trends have been rather stable and while some volatility has been seen traders have had a good period in which to profit.

Gold is near 1302.00 USD as of this morning. The EUR has maintained a strong stance and it will be watched closely by investors with the impending jobs numbers approaching as the week continues. Cautious trading is the typical pose taken by investors with large amounts of data on the horizon and this is likely to remain the case meaning that range trading will likely be the norm in the coming days.

By and large the USD has continued to trade meekly against most major currencies, except maybe the JPY which has seen the Japanese government take an active role in trying to keep the Yen on the weaker side of the realm. Having said that even the JPY has not been able to withstand bears among Greenback traders.

While the Fed has said it will be careful with its monetary policy and existing quantitative easing, investors have not exactly ran in fright of these pronouncements and the USD has gotten significantly weaker and many equities continue to increase in value with a strong trend.