Plenty of data will be posted during the last trading day of this week. Final GDP numbers from Europe along with German Factory Orders will be published Friday morning. The U.K. will see the Halifax HPI results. From the States the all important Non-Farm Employment Change outcome will be published. U.S. Trade Balance figures will also be brought forth later.

The Dow Jones Industrial Index was slightly positive on Thursday after a decline on Wednesday. Jobless data on Wednesday from the ADP report, and the weekly Unemployment Claims released less than ten hours ago missed their estimates with negative marks, setting the stage for some worry among investors who have seen the major stock indexes feed upon a Federal Reserve ‘sugar high’ as they wait for the big monthly jobless statistics on Friday.

The EUR has gained the past twenty-four hours and has done better since the press conference held by ECB Mario Draghi earlier today in which he answered most questions with quotes geared to create a sense of stability no matter how illogical some of his replies may appear in six months time.

Gold has been testing lows and as of this writing is around 1553.00 USD. Crude Oil has stumbled as speculators proved that they were not able to hold onto the short-term highs of WTI as concerns for true demand likely developed.